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TV Armoire makeover-$45


Here’s another pin that I found on Pinterest that I tried and had great success with. In fact, it’s one of the projects in our “great kitchen makeover” that I’m most proud of . And it only cost $45!


Here’s the original pin:


The caption said  “No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard. Brilliant”  Indeed, this is a brilliant idea because I had one of these old armoires sitting in my mother in law’s basement. When we bought our new flat screen TV, I just couldn’t make myself throw this out. Guess it comes from growing up without a lot of luxuries. Anyway this cabinet was just sitting there getting mildewy so I thought, “why not try this?”
Well it turns out that the link for the above pin didn’t actually take you to a website with directions on how to build this.  But really, how hard could it be?

This is my armoire as it was:

IMG_1652 IMG_1654

Pretty sad ain’t it?

And here it is after the makeover:

Wanna know how we did it? Keep reading….
This was actually a fairly simple project that only cost $45. $30 for bonding primer and $15 for a 15″ x 8′ board that we cut in half to make the upper shelves.

The first step was removing that awful cardboard composite crap that formed the back of the unit


and then removing the bottom doors. Next I painted on a coat of Valspars’s bonding primer because otherwise the latex paint would have never stuck to that melamine surface. We cut the shelves to fit in the top half then painted the whole thing with Valspar’s Parking Meter green.

A little sanding on the raised edges created a wonderful distressed look:


the pulls are the originals

and then we replaced the back with boards from pallets that hubby had behind his hardware store.

IMG_1657      IMG_1752

Once we figured out that it was easiest to use a sawzall and just started sawing right through the nails to remove the boards from the pallet, it went fairly quickly. We cut them to fit and nailed them on. I liked the look they created so I’ve left that as it is. Although, I’ve been reading that some of those boards have been treated with pesticides so I’ll be sealing them with a clear coat before I bring it in the house.

Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with this piece and it will become the center of attention in our newly made over kitchen.


Author: pennypinchingpatti

I am a wife/mother/nana who used to aspire to be a writer. I'm a professional head hunter by day and am now focusing on building a photography business. Might as well get paid doing something I love. I also love DIY projects that focus on home remodeling/redecorating on a shoestring budget, because last but not least, I love to save money any way possible.

4 thoughts on “TV Armoire makeover-$45

  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. we have the same cabinet. How did you attach the shelves inthe top part?

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